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Songs 1 - 13 of 13 in Sailors

Title Performer Year Genre Listen
Castle Hill Anthem
How pleasant and delightful on a bright summer’s morn,
Brian Thorp 2006 Parting Listen
Echoes of the Mekong

I had heard of the Mekong long before I learned to dive,

Anna Shannon 2009 Nautical Listen
Freeman's Waistcoat

'It's a weskit made of cork!' the Cox'n said.

Paul Davenport 2007 Lifeboat Listen
Haley Paley

Haley paley snow on the ground,

Ray Black 2009 Listen
I'm Your Man, I'm Your Lighthouse

I am tall, I am strong, I have stood here a lifetime,

Anna Shannon 2009 Nautical Listen
The Luckiest Sailor

I’ve been fishing the sea since a lad of fifteen;

Mick McGarry 2009 Fishing - Trawling Listen
The Oak and the Ash
‘Tis of a servant girl in Saxon Street did dwell,
Steve Gardham 2007 Courtship Listen
Stow Brow
On Stow Brow, on Stow Brow a fair maid did dwell,
John Greaves 2006 Amatory Listen
Methinks I see a host of craft spreading their sails alee,
Three Score and Ten 2007 Disaster Listen
Tom Bowling
Here a sheer hulk lies poor Tom Bowling, the darling of our crew;
John Greaves 2006 Nautical Listen
The Visitor

Hurry, boys, hurry! Clear away the snow.

Wendy Arrowsmith 2007 Lifeboat Listen
Whitby Bells

In the terrible year 1539

Hilary Simpson 2009 Whitby Listen
The Wreck of the Industry
All on Spurn Point a vessel lay,
Steve Gardham 2007 Disaster Listen