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Songs 1 - 9 of 9 in Sex

Title Performer Year Genre Listen
The Beverley Maid and the Tinker
In Beverley Town a maid did dwell,
Jim Eldon 2007 Occupational Listen
The Christmas Goose
It was at an inn in Manchester, the Cornstalks was the sign,
Will Noble 2007 Humour Listen
A Country life for Me
Here I am as you may see, Ah’m Yorkshire ti backbone,
Jack Howlett 1969 Agriculture Listen
The Effects of Love
Betsy Watson is my name,
Maggie Graham 2007 Courtship Listen
Forty Miles
It’s fot-ty miles I’ve been today,
John Greaves 2006 Courtship Listen
The Muffin Man
Now Ah’ve ’ad a lot of trouble in me life all through a muffin man;
Will Noble 2007 Humour Listen
The Oak and the Ash
‘Tis of a servant girl in Saxon Street did dwell,
Steve Gardham 2007 Courtship Listen
The Pear Tree
Now me an’ two other boys went on the spree,
Frank Hinchliffe 1976 Humour Listen
Young Simon John
Nah this is the tale of young Simon John,
Mick Haywood 2006 Humour Listen