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Title Performer Year Genre Listen
Tobacco Song

Off to the pit with a whistle and a grin,

Ray Padgett 2009 Mining - Coal Listen
Tom Bowling
Here a sheer hulk lies poor Tom Bowling, the darling of our crew;
John Greaves 2006 Nautical Listen
Trappy Lad

Ch. It’s blacker than pitch down here,

Tony Morris 2005 Mining - Iron Listen
The Trip

I rise at all hours so early in the morn

Steve Gardham 2009 Canal Listen
The Visitor

Hurry, boys, hurry! Clear away the snow.

Wendy Arrowsmith 2007 Lifeboat Listen
Walking Down Old Green Lane

As Ah was walking down old Green Lane, Ah met a collier lad,

Mick Haywood 1999 Mining - Coal Listen
Weave The Warp

Weave the Warp, back and forth.

Weave the Weft, right to left.

We wear our clogs to do our jobs,

Weaving is the life for us.

Skelmanthorpe Primary School 2012 Weaving Listen
A Week as a Weaver

On Monday it's washday we wash all our clothes,

Skelmanthorpe Primary School 2012 Weaving Listen
The Wensleydale Lad
Wey, what wi’ me mother and father at ’ome I never ’ad any fun;
Ken Hinchliffe 2007 Humour Listen
The Westwood Rows

In nineteen-sixty-nine the Council bulldozed all the Rows;

George Hill 2009 Steel Coal Listen
What Else Can We Do

Ch. These are hard times when youʼre poor,

Oughtibridge Primary School 2012 Begging Listen
What is that blood on thy shirtsleeve ?
“What is that blood on thy shirt sleeve,
Frank Hinchliffe 1976 Crime Listen
Whitby Bells

In the terrible year 1539

Hilary Simpson 2009 Whitby Listen
The White Cockade
It was one summer morning as I rambled o’er yon moss,
Steve Gardham 2007 Parting Listen
The White Hare of Howden
Near ’Owden town, near ’Owden town as I ’ave ’eard ’em tell,
Steve Gardham 2007 Sport Listen
Willy went to Westerdale
Willy went ti Westerdale,
John Greaves 2007 Humour Listen
The Witch

There's a Witch, a Witch, but not that kind of Witch.

Skelmanthorpe Primary School 2012 Weaving Listen
The Wreck of the Industry
All on Spurn Point a vessel lay,
Steve Gardham 2007 Disaster Listen
York,York for my money
As I came through the north country
Steve Gardham accompanied by Ray Black on the Lute 2007 Sport Listen
The Yorkshire Bite
If you please, do draw near, it’s the truth I declare,
Bill Sowerby 2007 Humour Listen
The Yorkshire Farmer
There was an ord farmer iv ’Arton did dwell, (ord = old, Harton)
Norman Creaser 2006 Humour Listen
You Noble Spectators
You noble spectators, wherever you be,
Peter Meese of Highside Longsword 2007 Ritual Listen
Young Simon John
Nah this is the tale of young Simon John,
Mick Haywood 2006 Humour Listen