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These are largely drawn from nineteenth century line drawings that are well out of copyright. A few photographs of sword dance teams are either out of copyright or the subject of permissions given to us by the teams and the photographers. The illustration for song TYG 43 appears by kind permission of the North Yorkshire County Council, for song TYG 46 by kind permission of Photographer John Patrick, for song TYG 53 by kind permission of Hebden Bridge Web, and for songs TYG62 and 63 by kind permission of The Craven Herald. Contact points for all these providers are set out on the Acknowledgements Page.

Other Website data

The majority of the Lyric, Provenance, Genre, Archive and other data has been researched and supplied by Yorkshire Garland Committee members themselves. Volunteers Mark Ellison, Bill Sowerby and Mick Pearce also made major contributions in Keyword allocation, ABC texting and song transcription.

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