Yorkshire Garland

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Browsing and searching

When browsing or searching you are shown a list of songs corresponding to your selected criteria. If the list is long it will be split over several pages.

You can listen to the recording right there by clicking the listen button, or access more details by clicking the song title. Details include lyrics, provenance notes, genre and keywords, performance and archival details and scores in both conventional staff pdf files and in abc text notation for opening on your abc reader or saving to file .

For advice on the diverse range of abc software including freeware file readers such as AbcNavigator2 please see http://www.walshaw.plus.com/abc/software.html


When browsing you start with the full list of songs. By clicking a genre or keyword in the left hand column you reduce the list to songs matching the selected criteria.

Browse by Genre

This is a strict hierarchical classification; in other words songs only belong to one genre. Select a genre on the left side column to reduce the list to songs contained in that genre.

Browse by keyword

Songs usually have several keywords, allowing you to create relationships beyond the stricter genre classification. The most common keywords are displayed in the left hand column, ordered alphabetically and then sized relative to how often they appear. Select a keyword to reduce the list to songs tagged with it.
Keywords are also displayed on the song detail page, allowing you to easily discover related songs.


Search is currently unavailable.

Note on Dialect

Titles are listed in Standard English for ease of use by those not familiar with Yorkshire dialects. The local dialect words have generally, however, been retained within the texts and can be searched through the Google search facility provided. Note also that over such a diverse area as Yorkshire, dialect and pronunciation can vary dramatically, even between places a few miles apart, for example, Beverley and Hull.

Note on 'Roud Index' and 'Master Title' Archive Data

Though not automatically searchable in this Edition of the Website, the Master Title and Roud Index Number where available can be found in the archive section of each song.

The Roud Index is a searchable database, a version of which can be found on the EFDSS website. The Roud Index is an ongoing project to index a comprehensive catalogue of all extant versions of folk songs in the English Language, from manuscripts, books, commercial recordings or broadsides, that are taken from source singers direct or from original printed or manuscript sources.

As part of the Yorkshire Garland Project Chairman Steve Gardham will additionally allocate each English folk song a 'Master Title' to reduce confusion when referring to different versions of the same song and to supplement the Roud Number. The Master titles given here form part of this project.